Do You Want Total Access to Your 401(k) Dollars Without Triggering Taxes or Penalties?

Traditional 401(k) accounts can feel like hard-earned money is trapped, out of reach and at the total mercy of Wall Street...

Surprisingly, there IS a way to Unlock Your 401(k) long before you're supposed to have access to it, without triggering penalties or taxes.


Discover The Little Known Loophole That May Change Your Life...

Many people believe they only have access to their 401(k) funds through traditional methods, such as changing jobs, divorcing, retiring, becoming disabled or passing away...

But there is good news!

If you're losing sleep over the uncertainty of the financial markets, or simply want MORE CHOICES AND MORE CONTROL over your money and your investments, there is a legal and ethical strategy for you to get TOTAL access to your 401(k) dollars regardless of your age.

In This Short Online Workshop, You'll Learn:

  • The little known strategy to Unlock your 401(k) long before you're "supposed" to access it, without triggering taxes or penalties
  • Why your 401(k) plan may not be the best retirement plan for your situation... and how to take back control of your future
  • How to get more investment options, (like socially responsible investing or 'safe' money) with your retirement funds so you can feel good about your investments
  • Exactly who qualifies to use this strategy so you can immediately know if it's an option for you 
  • The Key Partners You Need if this is right for you so you can avoid the headaches and risks that come with complex legal procedures

Charles Scott, AIF

Pamela Donison, Esq.

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